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Is there a time limit for moving to Canada after your application for PR is approved?
11-18-2016, 10:37 PM
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Is there a time limit for moving to Canada after your application for PR is approved?
My wife and I are looking to immigrate to Canada from the US under the Express Entry program as skilled workers. We were wondering -- is there a time limit for moving to Canada after your application for permanent residence is approved?

I ask because we might not be quite ready to move when we receive our documents. If we wait too long, will we have to reapply at some point? And if so, will that re-application process be any faster than the original application process?
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01-05-2017, 12:44 PM
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Is there a time limit for moving to Canada after your application for PR is approved?
Hi Ksmdnb,
Well, Cic is claiming to issue P.R visa in 6 months time under express entry system, only if u are scoring 450+ CRS point. Now,If u are not able to score more then 450 CRS point, then you have to look for Provincial Nomination (AKA PNP) or job offer from Canada to boost your CRS point, as PNP gives you additional 600 points and Job offer will give you - MAX 200 points ( reduced from 600 to 200,since Dec-2016).

Firstly, you have to look for a province, that can give u nomination, as every province have their own skill requirement and also they have their own evaluation criteria, based on your Work-experience, Age, education, IELTS, etc. the whole human Capital factor. Also,PNP have their own processing time frame in giving nomination, it depends from Province to Province , which can take upto 4 to 6 months in issuing nomination.

Now,Lets take best case scenario, u can get you PNP in 6 months (Max time) and Federal process ur P.R visa in another 6 months, that means in 12 months u will get ur Visa . I have not considered the delays done by Visa office (Vo) as your are in USA and processing time is comparatively shorter than other Vo in other countries. Also, u have 6 months time to land in Canada from the time u get ur P.R Visa.

Now,their is another program, which called Provincial Nomination- paper based program (AKA base program), which is not related to EE and is purely PNP, which has total process time is 16 months at Federal Level as per cic website after "Provincial Nomination" . which means total process time can be around 16-20 months from PNP to Medical to P.R visa.

Thirdly, getting job offer from Canada will delay the process as ur employer have to apply from LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which takes lot of time and no Canadian employer is much interested in this as they have to wait long before u can join them, It doesn't mean that u can got get job offer from Canada but its very limited. This will happen if they need ur skill sets badly and they cannot fine any one in Canada or they liked very much.

Hope the Above information can help you decide !
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01-06-2017, 12:17 AM (This post was last modified: 01-06-2017 12:22 AM by computergeek.)
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RE: Is there a time limit for moving to Canada after your application for PR?
Yes, there is an expiration. It is printed on your documents and is normally based upon the expiration of your passport or your immigration medical examination. The operating manuals state that it must have at least two months when you receive it, though I've known of cases where people receive documents that expire in less than two months. In the latter case, the visa office will reissue the documents with a new expiration once the passport is renewed or the immigration medical examination results have been updated.

Nothing requires you remain in Canada once you have landed (become a permanent resident). You could fly to Canada, change status, and then fly out of Canada. Note that returning to Canada will likely require a PR travel document (PRTD) because as a permanent resident you are not eligible for an eTA or TRV. The only exception are US Citizens, who are permitted to fly to Canada with just their US passport.

The PRTD/eTA/TRV requirement does not apply to land border crossings, so anyone who can fly to the US and then traverse a land border crossing can also enter Canada that way.

Since the OP states they are in the US, they can fly to Canada, even without a valid PR card.

Finally, note that once you have become a permanent resident, you must be in compliance with the residency obligation: 730 days in the current five year period. For the first five year period this means that you must be able to reside in Canada for at least 730 days in the initial five year period. This effectively means you must begin residing in Canada within three years of becoming a permanent resident.

The residency obligation is ongoing and persists as long as you remain a permanent resident of Canada. If you fail to meet the residency obligation you may be subject to a removal order and/or renunciation of your permanent resident status - you don't lose it automatically.

FSW: App 6/09, reject 12/11, JR leave 7/12, discontinued 9/12
Spousal: App 3/12, sponsor approval 6/12, PPR 9/12. Landed 13 October 2012.
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